Terre Haute Ind July 11th 1887

The lodge met in Regular Session Worthy Master E V Debs in the Chair the minutes of the previous meeting were Read and approved


Reports of Committees
The Committee to whom was Refered [sic] the application of G W Barrows Reported favorable and the Ballott [sic] being spread he was declared Elected
general Circular No 9 was Read also a notice from the Grand Secretary and Treasurer in Regard to the payment of Grand Dues
A Communication from Beacon lodge No 111 asking for the Limited withdrawl [sic] Card for Bros Warren and Webb Thompson G. L. Shettenham Bro Neidheiser A E Marshall and Bro Kirby also a Communication for the Secret Work on Lodge 61 St Paul Minn and also a traveling Card
The Receiver Report was Read and ordered placed on file
The following Bills were allowed Gas Bill for 3 months $250 The Bill of Bros Filbrick to the amount of $3475 for attending a Sick Brother Frank Jones

The Committee on the Beneficial Association Reported that they Recommend the B of l E Beneficial Plan. And on motion the Adoption of the plan be laid over till next meeting

Bro Frank Mallory was declared Expelled for nonpayment of Dues
On motion Bro Robert Miller be Required to pay his dues and assessments in the future or suffer the Consequences the Secretary was ordered to notify him of the action of the lodge

Nominations for Officers of the lodge were next in order which were as follows
For Master E. V. Debs Vice Master Homer Davis and P. Green. Secretary John F O'Reilly. Collector Frank Smith Receiver Chas Bennett Delegate to Convention Frank Crookshank J F O'Reilly and Frank Smith on motion the Candidate Receiving the 2nd highest vote be declared the alternate
Dr T. W. Moorehead was nominated for Medical Examiner

O E Fox Frank Crookshank Frank Gross and Henry Stakeman

Braid of Agreement
E. V. Debs Henry Stakeman Frank Crookshank and Homer Davis

Receipts of Meeting $500

There being no further business the lodge closed in Regular form

John F. O'Reilly


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