Terre Haute Ind June 13 1887

The lodge met in Regular Session Worthy Vice master Homer Davis in the chair The minutes if the previous meeting were Read and approved
Applications for Membership

Reports of Committees on Applicants
The committee to whom was Refered [sic] the applications of James G Snadden Ed H Payne and Wm Curry beg leave to Report favorable The Report was Received Signed Bro Stakesman Smith & Crise
Balloting for Candidates
The Ballot being spread for Ed H Payne he was declared Elected also James G Snadden was declared Elected also Wm H Curry who was declared Elected
Admission of Candidates
Ed Shea Being in Waiting in the Anteroom he was duly admitted to membership in Vigo lodge No16 B of L F

The com on Bro Millers Disability case asked for farther time was granted

bill of $2500 was allowed Mrs Frank Jones by the Relief Committee as she was in destitute circumstances also Bro Philbrick was allowed 500 as nurse
On Motion Bro Jones was granted an additional 1000 carried

A communication was Read from Mrs Frank Jones thanking y the Vigo lodge No16 for their kind assistance in her time of need The letter was an Expression of a true and noble Woman There was also a Communication from J H Taylor M D. attending Phisician [sic] Relating to Bro Frank Jones The communications were Received
Assessment notice No 7 was Read and placed on file A letter was Read from T Young a Relative of our deceased Bro G H young asking us to accept a Beautiful photo of Deceased Bro. it being sent as a token of the high Esteem in which they hold our noble order they also Return their sincere thanks to our noble Brotherhood and pray that that the God of all good prosper us The letter was received and the Secretary ordered to notify Mr Young of its Reception The Photo. Thanking the family for the Gift and also for the beautiful motto and Work of Art, which we feel honored to hang on our wall in Remembrance of the donor
Bro Alex Gordon was granted a withdrawl [sic] card to join a Brazil lodge. When the proper application is made head Light No 217
Two Traveling Cards were Returned one from J H Jordan dated Feb 27/87 and Wm House dated April 2nd/87 also Bro Fuller The following members were suspended Bro Kirby Swettenham P McNuny Frank Mallory Web Thompson James Tiley
Applications for Reinstatement
Bro Kirby on motion was Reinstated also Bro Swettenham also Bro Pat McNuny and James Tilley. On motion Bro Web Thompson was Reinstated

The Received Report was Read and ordered placed on file. On motion a committee of three was appointed to Submit a Plan of Beneficial fund to submit at next meeting the committee were as follows Bros Bundy Homer Davis & Bro Stokesman
Bro James Smith was granted a traveling Card
Receipts of Meeting $500 Trustees were ordered to fix the Ballot Box
        There being no further business the lodge closed in due form

John F O'Reilly

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