Terre Haute Ind May 23 1887

The lodge met in Regular session Worthy Master E. V. Debs in the chair The minutes of the previous meeting were Read and approved
The applications of Ed H Payne was Read and Refered [sic] to Bro Stokesman H Crise and F. Smith
Reports of Committees on applicants
also James G Snadden and Wm H Curry

Balloting for Applicants

Pettition [sic]
The Pettition [sic] of Bro Miller for total disability Motion made to Receive this Petition carried Collector Report Read and Received The Grievance that were not adjusted Satisfactorily were taken up owing to the indifference of the members Especially interested the matter was dropped by order of the lodge Bro Stokesman was allowed the amount of One Round trip on his Engine for laying off by order of Bro Debs Bros Bennett reported that his Release had been Settled Satisfactorily by the Engineers on motion the lodge concurred in the action of Div 25 B of L E. Bro Crawford of Hornersville N. Y. was introduced and made some fine Remark which was well Received he gave a description of the Cooperating Board of adjustment of the B of L E & B of L F. on the Erie system He also introduced his mission in the City that of making an agreement
On motion Bro F. M. Jones dues and Assessments be kept paid until he is better

        Receipts of Meeting $1000

There being no further business the lodge closed in Regular form

John F O'Reilly

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