Terre Haute Ind May 9th 1887

The lodge met in Regular Session Worthy Master E. V. Debs in the chair. The minutes of the previous meeting were Read and approved

A Traveling Card was granted a Traveling Card

Reports of Committees on applications

Balloting for Candidates

Admission of Candidates
Adolphes Hustes and Geo Stridel being in waiting in the Ante Room were duly admitted to membership in Vigo Lodge No16 B of L F.

Assessment notice No 6 was Read for May and assessment of one dollar to be paid on or before May 25 1887

Bills for allowance
The Bill of A Hoberg for 2 yards of crape to drape the chart in respect to our late Brother Young The amount due 50¢ The Bill was allowed Bill of 979 was allowed Avon lodge No 38 for the funeral of Bro Young the Bill was allowed

Collectors Report of delinquents
Bro Webb Thompson Bro Kirby was suspended on motion Bro Quiet was Reinstated

Reports of Officers
The monthly and quarterly Report of the Receiver was Read and ordered placed on file that they be sent to the Trustees for their approval

New Business
Special Circular No 5 was Read the Circular was in Regard to the action of the Grand Master in Reclaiming the chart of Old Post Lodge No 17 The Grand Executive Committee after Examination of the Evidence Sustained the Action of the Grand Master in complying with the Requirements of the constitution and on motion the action of the committee was concurred in and a vote of thanks was tendered him for his Vigilance in in sustaining the constitution The motion prevailed unanimously.

On Motion the Assistant collector at Effingham be allowed his dues and assessments for his services as assistant collector the motion prevailed

The case of Bro Bennetts card was laid over till they herd from the Engineers

Receipts of Meeting $1000/100. On motion the next meeting was set apart for the adjustment board and for that alone
Remarks were made by the G. M. to the newly made Brothers The lodge closed in due form

John F. O'Reilly         Secretary

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