Terre Haute April 11 87

The lodge met in Regular session Worthy Master E. V. Debs in the chair The minutes of the previous meeting were Read and approved

The application if Edward Shea was Read and Refered [sic] to the following Committee Bros Stokesman Abe Johnson and Bro Filbrick

Reports of Committee
The committee to whom was Refered [sic] the applications of Geo Thomas Geo Stidell and Ben McKeen reported favorable and on motion the Report was concurred in and the committee discharged
Ballotting [sic] for Candidates
The Ballott [sic] being spread Geo G Thomas was declared Elected also Geo Stidell he was declared Elected Ben McKeen being ballotted [sic] for he was declared Elected

Miscelaneous [sic] reports
The Report of the Grievance on Grievance Committee and a letter was Read which was placed on file on motion the communication was laid over for two weeks
The motion made the sad announcement of the death of Bro Geo Young of this Lodge the Master read a letter from him previous to his death and on motion a Committee was appointed to draft Resolutions on the death of Bro Young The Committee was as follows O'Reilly Fox Chas Bennett

The Committee on board of adjustment E C Miller Chairman F W Crookshank Secy H Stokesman Treasurer
Trustees Report
To the officers and members of Vigo lodge No16 B of L F Sirs your Board of Trustees have Elected the following officers Chairman Frank Gross Secretary E. C. Miller
              F E Gross & O. E. Fox

The Bill of Bro Debs for Telegraph charges to the amount of $125 which was allowed The Bill of Grand lodge was allowed to the amount of $420 which were for Blanks and Cards. The Master Exemplified the Secret Work for the Benefit of the members. Bro Larr of Head Light Lodge 217 being present Reported very favorable in Regard to the new sister lodge may all of the members Responded to Bro Larr and joined in wishing them god speed on motion the lodge closed in Regular form

John F O'Reilly


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