Terre Haute Ind March 14 1887

The lodge met in Regular Session Worthy Past Master O E Fox in the chair The minutes of the Previous meeting were Read and approved

The name of Geo G Thompson was proposed for membership and Refered [sic] to the following com Gurney Cottom and Miller
Reports of Committees
The Committee to whom was Refered [sic] the applications of Adolphes Hustes Arther [sic] Grimes and Mills Richardson Reported favorable The Report was Received and committee discharged
The Ballot being spread A Huests was declared elected. Arther Grimes was also declared Elected Mills Richardson was declared Elected
Admission of Candidates
Wm Sweringern being in Waiting in the AnteRoom he was duly initiated a member of Vigo Lodge No16 of the B. of. L. F.

A communication was Read from Bro C H Ring in Regard to the Magazine and Cons also The Trustees Reported that they had Selected Bro Frank Gross as Chairman and E. C, Miller as Secretary

Vigo lodge Dr to Grand lodge To 100 applications 50¢ B C applications 60¢ 2 doz Traveling Cards 100 2 doz order for N W 30¢ total $240 also 50¢ for Postage Stamps for the Collector

Collectors Report
The collector Reported that as Bros Sweatenhan Kirby & Lahey had paid up and on a vote of the lodge they were duly Reinstated

On motion the matter of Recompensing the Assistant Collector at Effingham the Matter was Refered [sic] to the same old committee of fees an [sic] Salaries and Report at next meeting

Bro Jones was allowed an order for the Secret Work On motion a Committee of 3 be appointed to Report at the next meeting in Regard to a Ball to be given for the Benefit of the lodge the committee is as follows Bros Miller Frank Smith & Bro Gurney

There being no further business the lodge closed in Regular form

John. F. O'Reilly

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