Terre Haute Ind Feb 27 1887

The lodge met in Regular session Worthy Master E. V. Debs in the chair The minutes of the previous meeting were read & approved

Application for Membership
The application of Arther [sic] Grimes & Mills Richardson was Read and Refered [sic] to the following Committee Ros Miller Ed Bundy & Geo Hunt
Reports of Committee
The committee to whom as Refered [sic] the application of Clayborne Davidson Reported favorable Signed Bros Haly House & B Sherburne

Balloting for Candidates
The ballot being spread for Clay Davidson He was declared Elected a member of Vigo lodge No16 B of L F
Admission of Candidates
Clayborne Davidson 7 Le grand Miller being in waiting they were duly initiated as members of Vigo lodge No16 B. of. L. F.

Reports of Committees
The Committee on Salaries of Officers We your committee beg leave to report as follows that the Receiver be paid $2400 per year The Collector $4800 per year Said salary to be paid quarterly at the close of each quarter Respectfully submitted E V Debs O Fox Homer Davis The Report was concurred in and the committee discharged The assessment for March was amount at 100

Communications from G lodge
A communication from the grand lodge was Read in Reference to the Expulsions in January The names of Members Expelled were Read and placed on file also general Circular No 5 was Read which contained very valuable information the circular was Received and placed on file

Brother Wm H Daniels was granted a limited withdrawl [sic] also B Miller and also Will Larr Scott Cook Geo L Cook Arthur Cook Frank Fay

A Bill of 500 for Telegraphing for the grievance Committee was allowed also $440 Hookwink Gauls & Handcuffs Bro Millers Bill of 66.15 for service as committee on grievance on motion that the bill be allowed amended that the hotel be not allowed the amendment prevailed which makes his bill as allowed $62 85.
on motion Bro McNuny was allowed a loan of 100 to pay his February assessment
Bros Early & Neidheiser were Reinstated and also Bro Barnett & Bro M E Glenn 7 Bro Nick Dodson Wm Barr Frank Malory & Nelson Ensy W. C. Davis A. Hunt and bro Quiett and suspended also Bro Chas Mancourt
The following members were declared suspended J. E. Kirby Henry Lahey G P Swettanham Wm Burke J Geary
Bro J. H. Jordan card was Received and he was accepted a member of this lodge J H Jordan an [sic] H Barnett was granted a limited withdrawl [sic] to join the new lodge at Brazil

On motion Vigo lodge granted on their part the use of the Hall to the Telegraph operatirs for to organize a lodge

On motion the lodge closed in Regular form

John F O'Reilly


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