January 24 1887

The lodge met in Regular Session Worth Master E. V. Debs in the chair The minutes of the previous meeting were Read and Approved

The Applications of La Grand Miller was read and Refered [sic] to the following Committee Gurney F. Larr & Fre Sam Haley

Reports of Committees

Ballotting [sic] for Candidates

Admission of Candidates
James Green being in Waiting in the ante Room was duly initiated a member of Vigo Lodge No16 B of.L.F
Communication From Grand Lodge
A communication from Grand Lodge was Read in Regard to awarding the 50000 Prize to Peter Laying of No 195 Shoshone Idaho. Securing 293. & $29300 also a circular in Regard to the duties of Collection and Receivers.

Miscellaneous Communications

Bills for allowance

Collectors report

Applications for Reinstatements

Reports of Officers and Boards

Installation of Officers
Bro Frank Smith was installed as collector in due form
        The office of outer Inner guard was declared Vacant also Conductor & Bro S. Haly was installed as Conductor and Bro Early as In outer Guard, on Motion a committee consisting of P. Master Master & Vice Master to report at the Next meeting in Regard to the salaries of the officers

On motion a vote of was tendered a vote of thanks to the Indiana Electric Photo Co For the beautiful photo of our Master and they be notified as such..
Our Worthy master made a verbal Report of the Grievance committee which was well Received

Brother Ebbage being present made a statement in which he thanked Vigo lodge No16 for the kindness shown him He made a proposition that he would sign a note and also his wife sign it also in which the lodge should be paid back out of the policy The proposition was accepted by the lodge unanimously: Bro Ebbage thanked the members as best he could under the circumstances his heart was too full for utterance.

On motion Bros Simmin Suthard and Vick be granted a Loan to pay assessment No1 V. 2.
On motion Bro fox was asked to invite Mr Hartinan to deliver a lectur [sic] on the Westinghouse Air Brake The motion Prevailed Remark wer [sic] made Bro Ebbage in Regard to our noble order and their kindness toward him and family Bro fox made a Remarks also Bro Gibson Bro Early. Bro Davis, Bro Gurney Bro Stakman [sic] Bro Green thanked the members for the honor confered [sic] on him as a member Bro Smith also bro Haley There being no further business the lodge closed in Regular form

John F O'Reilly

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