Terre Haute Ind Jan 10 1887

The lodge met in Regular Session Worthy Master E. V. Debs in the chair The minutes of the previous meeting were Read and approved

Propositions Reports
The committee on the Proposition of C. Cassell Reported favorable Signed Bro Gurny Horan & Bro Haley

Reports of Committees
The committee to whom was Refered [sic] the application of Wm Swearingen beg leave to report favorable Bro Bundy J Smith & Bro Wheeler the Report was concurred and Committee discharged
Ballotting [sic]
The ballot being spread Wm Swearingen was declared Elected a member of Vigo Lodge No16 and also C Cassell was declared Elected
Admission of Candidates

A communication from Bro J H Jordan in which he asked that the application fee of Thos Mackin be Returned to him Jordan and be applied on his dues. and he also asks that Vigo lodge accept his Resignation as Chaplin and also a Limited Withdrawl [sic] Card the letter was accepted and his Resignation was accepted Bro Bundy Resignation as collector was Read and accepted on motion the members of 16 be allowed to use the name of 16 at Effingham in which the members gave a ball

The Report of the grievances were Read & approved and the matter was discussed by many of the members. The Acting Master Requested that as many of the Members who were in favor of calling a general Meeting would please Rise to their feet the Vote was unanimous in the Affirmation

Nov & Dec Assessments
Bros P McNeeny and Bros A C Simmon be allowed for December were allowed Bro Geo young was ordered to be kept in good standing untill [sic] able to work
The Bill of .H.F Schmidt for a Badge donated to Bro Sachs as Magazine Agent The Amt due $1250/100 Also the Bill of the grand lodge as follows Dec 29 to Rituals 600 150 Constitution $750 Total $1350 also Receipts, Book 300 Rec of Div $200 $1850 also gas Bill of $400 Bill of Chas Bennett as financier $830
Reports of Officers
Bro Bundy Reported that he appointed as assistants Magazine Agents, Wm H Crise at Effingham and Arthur Cook at Brazil Ind Bros Bennet asked a limited withdrawl [sic] card to E. A. Stevens which was granted

Bro Ed Andrews was Expelled for nonpayment of Dues also Harry Baugh for nonpayment of Dues On motion Bro A Hunt was allowed his Dues till Feb 1st and the financier was ordered to credit him for said Dues till Feb 1st Bro Payne was declared Expelled

Bro Grand Master Sargent [sic] presented to Vigo lodge No16 a Picture of Bro E. V. Debs In a well worded Speech in which he Eulogized our Present Master in which he so well deserved On behalf of Vigo lodge the secretary Received in a few appropriate remarks Bro Debs made a few Remark which was well Received

On motion Bro Southard was allowed two assessments be paid and charged to him Bro William Sherburne was declared Expelled

Bro G L Swettenham and Warren Thompson suspended for nonpayment of assessment

Bro Frank Smith was declared Elected Collector by the Master Bro O. E. Fox was Elected one of the Trustee instead of Frank Smith Bros Stokesman Bas miller and Bro Frank Crookshanks were declared elected as the Board of Adjustment for the Ensuing term, Bro Gurney was appointed Chaplin for the Ensuing term

On motion a bill of $1600 was allowed the grand lodge for the magazine not paid for by the subscribers and on motion the secretary was ordered to file with the Grand lodge the scale of wages paid by the Railroads within 10 days
There being no further business the lodge closed in due form
                John F. O'Reilly

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