Terre Haute Ind Nov 8 1886

The lodge met in Regular Session Worthy Master E V Debs in the chair The minutes of the previous meeting were Read and Approved

The name of James Jones was proposed Nelson Ensey Thos Makin Joseph Miamber W Swearingern

Reports of Committees
The Grievance Committee Reported through and by consent comments on the Report was Refered [sic] to order by business No 20 The Report of the committee on Bert Miller was Received Report of the committee of Wesley Warren was received and committee discharged
Admission of Candidates
George Stith being in waiting in the anteroom he was duly initiated a member of Vigo lodge No16 B of. L. F.

Bills for allowance
The Bill of the Shelburne Coal Company for Coal $300 36 Bundles of Kindling 90¢ Total $390
Bill for carrying coal & kindling upt up stairs, $100
Bill of Chas Bennett for services as financier for the quarter $1250 also $300 to J F. O'Reilly as Secretary for the quarter

Financiers Report
Bro S P Hardin Expelled for nonpayment of dues
Bro Suthard was Reported delinquent and on motion Bro Suthard was allowed 200 to keep him in good standing Bro William Sherburne was also Reported delinquent and on motion Bro Sherburne was allowed 75¢ to keep him in good standing Bro Gibson asked that a loan be given to keep him in good standing Bro Taylor was Reported delinquent and on motion he was allowed 75¢ as a loan
Bro Kerby was also allowed 75
Bro Payne was also allowed 75 as a loan
Bro M Horan was also allowed 75 as a loan
Bro Chas Flaherty was allowed 75¢ as a loam
On motion that no member be allowed a loan Except by written application signed by two members in good standing the Resolutions to take Effect December 1st 1886.
The financier was granted further time to make his quarterly Report

Bro Ward asked for a limited withdrawl [sic] Card which was granted. {to join Elsewhere

Receipt       400     Proposition
                  100     grand dues
                   400    Admission fee
Total            900
The Grievance Committee Report was Brought up The Report was Received and on motion the Secretary was instructed to send a copy to of the grievances to the various lodges on the Vandalia System and that the meeting be held in this Hall Nov 22/86

There being on further business the lodge closed in Regular form

John F O'Reilly


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