Terre Haute Ind July 12/86

This being the first Regular meeting of the month The lodge met in Regular Session Worthy Master O. E. Fox in the Chair The minutes of the previous meeting were Read and approved
The name of Ed Hail was proposed for Membership and Refered [sic] to the following Committee Bros Miller Wolfenberger Kingley
Reports of Committee
The committee to whom was Refered the application of Ralph Sherburne Albert M Fuller & J H Jordan Reported favorable The Report was concurred in and the Committee discharged
Balloting for Candidates
The Ballot being spread the following candidates were declared Elected Ralph Sherburne Albert M Fuller and J H Jordan

Communication & Bills
The Bill of J & C. Baur for Hall Rent to July 1st was allowed the Amount being $2125 also The Gas Bill for May June July the amount being $120
Financier Report
The financier Reported Jas Monahan not paid as yet He was declared Expelled for non payment of dues
Brother Gibson was allowed his dues and Assessments were allowed The financier asked for further time on Bro Schroder Bro Ring assessments and dues were allowed as a loan Brother Suthard case was brought and the financier was instructed to see to Brother and Report. Bro Frank Crookshank advanced $200 on keeping him in good standing and asked that Suthard be allowed $300 as a loan the motion was carried

Receipts of the Meeting $550

There being no further business the lodge closed in Regular form

      John F O'Reilly

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