Terre Haute Ind Feb 22/84

This being a Regular Meeting of Vigo lodge No16 The lodge was called to order by the Worthy Master O E Fox in the chair the minutes of the previous were Read and approved

The name of Henry Stokesman was prefered [sic] for Reinstatement by Bro Bennett it was Refered [sic] to the following committee Early Lahey and Jim Smith

Report of Committee
The committee to whom was Refered [sic] the application of Bro Robt Montgomery and W A Payne Reported favorable and on motion the Report was concurred in
Balloting for Candidates
The ballott [sic] being spread for Robert Montgomery and W A Payne, Robert Montgomery was declared Elected Bro W A Payne was also declared Elected
Initiation of Candidates
F W Summers being in waiting in the Ante Room he was duly initiated a member of Vigo lodge No16 of the B of L F
A communication was Read from Brother M P Lantz in Regard to his being discharged from the Logansport Div of the Van Rail Road The communication was Refered [sic] to the Grievance committee

On motion We Refered [sic] back to the order of balloting for candidates which was granted and Bro Homer Davis was Elected a member of Vigo lodge No16 He Having a withdrawl [sic] card from lodge 63 and Bro Homer Davis signed the constitution

Financier Report on Delinquent
Bro H Brown was declared Expelled Bro A C Simmons also Expelled on motion appropriated 1 00 to keep him good standing & that it be deducted from first payment Bro Harrington declared Expelled also E M Sherburne
        The financiers Quarterly Report was Read and on Motion the Report was Read and placed on file

On motion Bro Gibson was allowed his dues and assessments to Feb 1st on motion Bro Suthard was allowed $4 00 to his assessments

Election of Officers
Brother D V Crow was chosen and Elected as one of the committee on Grievance in Place of Bro Gross Resigned

Receipts of Meeting $4 52
Bro Mays from Baldwin lodge 189 being present and addressed the lodge the [---] of Mays was goof The lodge closed in Regular form

John O'Reilly                        Eugene V. Debs
                         Secy                                        Master

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