Terre Haute Ind Dec 28/85

The lodge opened in Regular session Worthy Past Master E V Debs in the chair The minutes of the previous meeting were Read & approved

Propositions for Membership

Reports of Committees

Admission of Candidates
Frank James being in waiting in the Ante Room He was duly initiated a member of Vigo lodge No16 B of L F.

To the officers and members of Vigo lodge No16 B of L F. On account of my Official Duties it is impossible for me to attend the Meetings And I Therefore tender my Resignation and desire a final withdrawl [sic] from the order
            Yours Resp O E Raidy
on motion the communication was Received and a final withdrawl [sic] was granted
Bills for Allowance
Bill of James Smith as Janitor Ending January 1st/86 to the amount of $1250 Gas Bill for Oct & Nov $2 80 which was allowed $200 for Postage for financier
Communication was Read from the Grand Officers giving the Revision of the constitution and also the proceedings and communications between the the [sic] G S & Treasures of B of L. F E V Debs And on motion the circulars were Received and ordered placed on file and also a vote of thanks and hearty approval of the action of the Grand Officers in denouncing Arbitrary Legislation of the B of L E [sic] or any other organization who advances such legislation which is contrary to the spirit of our American Government which we hope will live forever.

Election of Officer
Bro O E Fox was Elected by Acclamation and the Secretary was instructed to cast the Ballot for him 23 ballots as Master of Vigo lodge No16
Bro Sacks was unanimously Elected as Magazine agent for ensuring tem the Secy cast 25 votes
Grievances Committe [sic]
was Selected and which the Secretary was order to cast the ballott [sic] of Vigo lodge 23 votes Each the Master declared them duly Elected Jeff Brennan Paul Stewart Warren Thompson Al Horum and Frank Gross

Election of Officers

Bro H Sacks was empowered to appoint two Assistants to assist him in his duties as Magazine Agent

There being no further business the lodge closed in Regular form

John F O'Reilly   O. E. Fox

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