Terre Haute Ind Dec 14 1885

The lodge opened in Regular session Worthy Bro Fox in the chair The minutes of the previous meeting were Read and approved

Propositions of Members

Reports of Committee

Balloting for Candidates

A communication was Read from Bro S. P. Hardin asking to accept his Resignation as Magazine Agent which on motion was A communication was Received from Grand Master Sargent in and his discussion of which the following is a copy
            Dec 1st 1885
John F O'Reilly Esqr
        Secy of Vigo lodge No B of L F
Dear Sir and Brother I have Received the appeal Together with a copy of the charges and a Report of the proceedings of Vigo lodge No16 . B of L F. vs. James Smith also a careful Examination of all the Evidence Submitted. I have Sustained the appeal and set aside the action of Vigo lodge No16 for the following Reasons to Wit.

1st No notice was served upon said Smith as provided in Art Sec 1 Art 8
2nd No trial was held in accordance with Sec 2 Art 8
You will that the section provides that the Committee must summon the accused and take Evidence for and against keeping a correct minute of all questions and answers for and against the accused and Report the same to the lodge together with the discussion of the Committee This was not done a No trial was held
This section also provides that on the committee not Reporting to the lodge the Secretary shall notify the accused of the decission [sic] Rendered and he shall have two weeks wherein to file an appeal the Evidence shows that imediately [sic] on the Report of the Committee being Received the lodge sustained the decission [sic] Rendered and said Smith was Expelled in direct Violation of the Constitution In view of the foregoing facts my decission [sic] is Rendered and you will proceed to Reinstate James Smith to his former Standing Fraternally yours
    F P Sargent G Mas

On motion s $200 was allowed as a loan to Bro Suthard

Reports of Officers
The financier Reported in regard to the money loaned by 16

Bro Kilmer $675 Bro Miller $2 00 Bro Ring $275
And on motion the financier was Required to Report such loans the first meeting of Each month

The Election of Magazine Agent was postponed until the next meeting

Bro Tally was granted a Traveling Card

There being no further business the lodge closed in Regular form

John F O'Reilly

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