Terre Haute Ind Oct 12 1885

The lodge met in Regular session Bro M E Glenn in the chair The minutes of the previous Meeting were Read and approved

Propositions for Membership

Reports of Committees
The committee to whom was Refered [sic] the Reinstatement of Arch Shewmaker reported favorable and on motion the Report was concurred in

Balloting for Candidates
The ballot [sic] being spread Arch Shewmaker was declared

Admission of Candidates
Phill Grun being in waiting in the Ante Room he was duly initiated a member of Vigo Lodge No16
Bills for allowance
The Bills of W. E. Miller as Delegate to 12th Convention 15 days at Convention 3 days going & 3 days Returning one double lost on Eng by order of Lodge $500 one fare from Baltimore to Philadelphia making at

Bills for allowance

Reports of Officers
The Secy John F. O'Reilly prefered [sic] charges against Jas Smith for violation of Art 2 Sec 7 the Master appointed the following committee was appointed O E Fox Early Barr Mancourt and Frank Larr to Report at the next meeting
Gas Bill of $180 was allowed the bill of W E Miller as Delegate 15 day 7500 one double lost by Request of lodge fare from Baltimore to Philadelphia $280 Total $8280 which was allowed

        The Delegates Report was Read and on well Received and for his able work as Delegate and he was tendered a unanimous vote of thanks was tendered Bro Wm E Miller
On motion that that part of the report of Bro Miller wherein he was accused if Visiting Houses of Prostitution and getting drunk as groundless Remarks wer [sic] made By Bros Debs Stevens and others                                                 Receipts of Meeting $500
The lodge Closed in Regular form
        John F O'Reilly

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