Terre Haute Ind Aug 10 1885

The lodge opened in Regular Session Worthy Master O E Raidy in the chair The minutes of the previous meeting were Read and approved

Propositions for Membership
The Application of Walter Krapp was Read an [sic] Refered [sic] and also Elmer Dearman for Reinstatement Ras Miller Wolfenberg All Hunt

Reports of Committee
The Committee to whom was Refered [sic] the applications of Wm Barr Martin Kraus Harvey Brunk Reinstatement and Edwd Cain for membership Reported favorable

Balloting for Candidates
The ballot being spread and the following names were declared Elected Edward Cain for membership and Wm Barr for Reinstatement was declared also Martin Kraus for Reinstatement was declared and also Harvey Brunk for Reinstatement was declared Rejected

Admission of Candidates
A. Underrinner Robert F Tate being in waiting in the Ante Room he was duly initiated a member of the B of L F and Vigo Lodge No16

A communication was Read from Bro Gorm Smith of which the following is a true copy
      Terre Haute August 10 1885
To Vigo lodge No16 Mr David Cox and all concerned
    I, H W Smith hereby authorize Vigo lodge No16 to withhold and pay to David Cox the amount due him the same to be ducted from my Policy when payable Either by death or Disability
            H W Smith

Bills for allowance
The Resignation of Bro Ernest Sherburne as Trustee was Read his Reasons were that he was going to leave the city his Resignation was accepted
        Bro Leake was allowed his assesment [sic] for May June & July

Election of Officer
Bro Chas Mancourt was Elected Trustee in place of Bro Sherburne on motion the same Phisician [sic] be Retained as Examining Phisician [sic] which is Dr Moorehead if Terre Haute and Dr Walker of Effingham

Bro Mancourt was duly Enstalled as Trustee of Vigo Lodge No16

On Motion the same salary be the same as last year amended that it be 7500 Amendment and the original motion carried

        On motion Bro Crise was appointed Assistant financier and he be allowed his dues & grand dues.
On motion the secretary was allowed one dollar per month for services

Receipts of Meeting $1000
On motion the second meeting of the month for the Reading of Retrieval and Instruction carried

        The lodge closed in Regular form

John F O'Reilly

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