Terre Haute July 13 1885

The lodge met in Regular Session Worthy Master Eugene V. Debs in the chair
The minutes of the previous meeting were Read and approved

Propositions for Membership
The name of Robt F Tate was proposed and Refered [sic] the following committee Bro Burges Gurnsey & Burke

Reports of Committee
The following Report from Drs Roberts and Wienstein who were selected by the committee to Examine Bro Gorm Smith on account of sickness and disability

We the undersigned hereby certify that we have this day Examined Gorm Smith a member of the B of L F & Vigo Lodge No16 And find laboring under the much enlargement of the heart and such impairment of its function from diseased Valves as to Warrant the statement that in our judgement [sic] he is totally disabled for following the Vocation of Engineer
        W H Roberts M D
        L J Wienstein [sic] M D
On motion Gorm Smith dues and assessments be kept up
Motion moved & seconded that Bro Gorm Smith be allowed $2000 Amended That it be Refered [sic] to the Relief Committee with power to give as they in their judgement [sic] seem proper but not to Exceed $2000 The motion as amended prevailed

Initiation of Candidates
W H. Kingerry being in waiting in the anteroom was duly initiated as member of the B of L F and Vigo lodge No16

Another assessment and also grand Dues from Grand Secy & Treas was Read and on motion they were ordered placed on file
Also a communication from Bro Thos Monahan asking that his dues and assessments ^be paid by lodge until he gets employment and on motion his assessment was allowed

A communication from Confidence lodge Demoines [sic] Iowa was Read & placed on file
The following bills were allowed for Gas $ 295 Drs Roberts & Wienstein $400 Stamps for financier $100 Bottle of Ink for Secretary 10¢

The lodges attention was called to the fact that Bro Robert Ebbage was in very poor circumstances and he asked that the lodge would loan him Ten dollars which was granted

And on motion that the Standing of Bro Ebbage be kept up until such times as he was able pay P. A. Kellogg was allowed his dues and assessments
The following delinquents were declared Expelled Wm Barr E Deaner Harvey Brunk mart Krauf Wm Krank & Arch Shewmaker

Receipts of Meeting $550/100

The lodge closed in Regular form

John. F. O'Reilly     Eugene V. Debs

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