Terre Haute June 8th 1885

The lodge opened in Regular session Brother Frank Arnold in the chair The minutes of the previous meeting were Read and Approved

Proposition for Membership
The following names were proposed Wm H Kingerry Arthur C Miller, M H Murray Ira T Ward August Underrinner and Refered [sic] to Bro Thos Crusen Crise & Bro McNutt
Reports of Committees

Motion O'Reilly com of Smith, Bennett, Sherburne on Debs

Ballotting [sic] for Candidates

Communications Bro. being sick Brother Robert Ebbage's May assessment was allowed as it was Reported he was in poor circumstances Bro J N Gorm Smith asked for his May assessment which was granted on motion that the sick committee be Empowered to have a Medical Examination of Bro J N Smith as to the nature of his Disease and Report at the next Regular meeting Drs. Roberts & Swofford were selected
Withdrawl & Traveling Cards
Bro Glenn was granted a Traveling Card John N Smith was granted a Limited Withdrawl Card Bro Chas Scott asked for a final withdrawl and the card to date May 15 1885 Receipts of meeting $500
        The lodge closed in due form
John F O'Reilly

on motion it was ordered to Refer back to bills for allowance on the B & Loan which amount was $525 which was allowed by the lodge

A committee of 3 was appointed to make arrangements for a Reception to be given Bro Debs on his Return from his bridal Tour
The lodge closed on motion the trustees wer [sic] ordere [sic] to turn ove [sic] the B & Loan book turned over to the Financier The com on Receipts was Smith Bennett * E M Sherburne
John. F. O'Reilly
Secy     Eugene V. Debs

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