Terre Haute May 15 1885

The lodge opened in Regular session Worthy master E. V. Debs in the chair the minutes if the previous meeting were Read and approved

Propositions for Membership

Reports of Committees
A communication from brother Kellogg was Read asking that his may assessment be allowed and on motion his May assessment be allowed which was granted the assessments of A. C Simmons for April & May was also granted The communication from Bro H. L. Jones was taken and up & considered and on Motion Bro Jones assessment was also as Bro Jones states in his letter that he would send $500 provided he was not Expelled
Good of the Order
Remarks were made by many members in the interest of the B of L F
There being no further business the Lodge closed in due form

John F O'Reilly     Eugene V. Debs
Secy     Master

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