Terre Haute Ind April 13 1885

This being the first regular meeting in the month the lodge opened in due form Bro Frank Arnold was called to the chair The minutes of the previous meeting were Read & approved

Propositions for membership
The application of Leroy Kilmer for Reinstate Frank Parish were Read & Refered [sic] to the following Committee on Leroy Kilmer for Reinstatement Jas Dodson Glenn & O E Fox and on Frank Parish for Initiation Membership F Gross, Guerney & Cook
Reports of Committees
The committee to whom was Refered [sic] the application of J N Smith Reported favorable for Reinstatement and also Jas C Williams was Reported favorable for admission

Balloting for Candidates
The Ballot being spread for Jas N Smith he was declared Elected a member of this lodge

Initiation of Candidates
Jas C Williams and Arthur Cook being in waiting in the ante Room were duly initiated as members of this Lodge

Bills for allowance
The following bills were Read and allowed for crepe Ribbons sec 60¢ Frame for Picture $225 and also bill for 60¢ for hat Hooks &c also bill of $200 for Postage Stamps for Financier

On motion it was ordered that an order be drawn on the financier for the building & Loan to be paid to the Chairman of Trustees for its payment

A vote of thanks was tendered Brother J Smith for his services in decorating and hanging the picture of Bro Thos grace deceased

Election of officer
The names of Bro F Gross & J Smith were nominated for trustees to fill the unexpired term of Robt Ebbage Bro J Smith having Received majority of all the votes he was declared Elected and he was then installed
New Busines [sic]
On motion the Asesment [sic] of bro Kellogg was allowed Paid


Brother Gorm Smith was Reported in distress caused by sicknes [sic] and on motion a committee of one be appointed to wait on the financier and Vice Master and see about his case Bro James Smith was appointed to serve

Receipts of the meeting 1000
On motion the reading of the instruction be posponed [sic] until next meeting

E. V. Debs     John. F. O'Reilly
Master     Secy

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