Terre Haute March 23 1885

The lodge opened in due form Bro Frank Arnold in the chair the minutes of the previous meeting were Read and approved except that part which expelled J N Smith
The application of J N Smith for Reinsted [sic] Refered [sic] to O E Fox Glenn Frank Smith
Reports of Committees
The committee to whom was Refered [sic] the application of Arthur Cook Report favorable for his admission and also Ed Mumpher for Reinstatement

Balloting for Candidates
The ballot being spread for Ed Mumpher he was declared Reinstated a member of Vigo Lodge No16. The ballot being spread for Arthur Cook he was declared a member of Vigo lodge No16
To the officers & members of Vigo Lodge 16 I herby tender my Resignation as Trustee of on account of my Removal from the city the Resignation was accepted

Bill of Bro Jas Smith for a quarters Janitor from Jan 1st to April 1stamounting to 1250 also 1 gallon of Coal at ^$90 total 1270 the bill was allowed

New business
A unanimous vote of thanks was tendered to Bro Robert Ebbage for his able and Indefategueable [sic] exerstion [sic] both as an officer & member the vote was a Rising Vote Bro Jas Smith Reported that one of the Brother had met with a terrible accident in which he lost his leg the Brother reffered [sic] to was Brother James Bennett
Traveling cards were granted to Bro Ring Simmons & Glenn

Moved seconded & carried that we meet immediately after adjournment & also that the Picture of Bro Grace be appropriately hung in the lodge
There being no further business the lodge closed in due form

John. F. O'Reilly
    Sc   March 23 1885
The special meeting was called and on motion the lodge took into consideration the application of J N Smith the Report was concurred in on motion the lodge closed in due form

J F O'Reilly     E. V. Debs
Secy     Master

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