Terre Haute Ind Jan 26/85

The lodge opened in due form Past Master O. E. Fox in the chair the Minutes of the previous meeting were Read & approved

Applications for Membership
The application of E G Edwards was Read for Reinstatement and Refered [sic] to the following committee Bro Bundy Harden & Miller
Reports of Committees
The Committee to whom was Refered [sic] the charges of Immoral Conduct and Drunkness [sic]. The committee to whom was Refered [sic] the charges Reported that the Bro Shaw did not appear before the committee and they asked that he be dealt with according to Sec 4 Art 8 which is Expulsion the Report was concurred in Signed
                  O.E. Fox
                  W E Miller
                  G W Hunt
The master in the chair declared Expelled Bro Shaw
The committee on a medical Directors The ballot being spread Dr Moorehead received the most voted he was declared Elected
Bill of Chas Bennett for Salary, to the amount of $1250 also Bill for 175 Postal Cards
There was a committee of 3 appointed to make arrangements if possible and Report progress at next meeting in Regard to giving an Entertainment on the Anniversary of the lodge The following committee was appointed
        J Smith Frank Smith & J F O'Reilly
There being no further business the lodge closed in due form

            John F O'Reilly
E. V. Debs           Secy

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