Terre Haute Ind Jan 12 1885

The lodge opened in due form Worthy grand Master Frank Arnold in the chair The minutes of the previous meeting were Read & approved he also Read the duties of the Various Officer of the Lodge as revised by the last convention
Application for Membership
The application of James Williams and John L Taylor was Read and the following committee on Jas Williams Bro Lahey Mallory & Vancleve on Taylor Bro Crookshank Frank Smith & E M Sherburne
Report of Committee
The Report of Bro Vancleve as on the ball committee Reported as follows Receipts $15555 Expenses 112 75 Bal on hand {Total read from committee $4680} $4280 with 4 tickets to hear from The committee to whom was Refered [sic] the charges of Bro Shaw were allowed to Retire to the AnteRoom to investigate the said charges they Returned and Reported as follows
        We the members of the Committee appointed to investigate the charges prefered [sic] against Brother Shaw beg leave to Report that we have carefully examined the charges and sustain them Robt Ebbage Geo Hunt Henry Lahey Henry Sacks & Frank Smith. The Report was Rejected by the master for the illegallity [sic] of the manner of drawing out the charges and the committee was allowed further time Bro Fox was approve to serve in place of Bro Ebbage who declined Bro Sherburne Miller & Vancleve were appointed in place of Smith & Sacks who are witnesses
A circular from the Grand Officers was Read and on motion placed on file The circular contained many valuable suggestions which were highly appreciated
        The financier Read the disability and death notices for the members

Bills for allowance
Bill of Grand Lodge for Rituals constitutions applications & Question blankets $755
Gas Bill 90¢ Insurance $200

E. G. Edwards & Ed Mumpher were declared Expelled for non payment of Dues and on motion H Gruson dues were ordered paid by the financier. H W Smith also was allowed his dues and assessment and the financier was order to pay his dues and assesment [sic] and on motion that the dues of Bro James & Leak be allowed a traveling cards and their dues and assessments be paid 60 days in advance & on motion the monthly dues were left the same as last year
New Business
On motion a committee of 3 be appointed to wait on the Various Phisiciations [sic] in Regard to acting as a Medical Director the following were the Committee James Smith H Sach & Robt Ebbage The following Doctors were Suggested Wienstein Roberts Moorehead Gerstinger & Elder
And on motion the Financier was instructed to notify each member that of 16 that they will be expected to pay an assessment each month the motion was carried
On motion J. H. Gibson was allowed a traveling card

        Receipts of the Meeting $300
There being no further business the lodge closed in due form

E. V. Debs
  Master   John F. O'Reilly

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