Terre Haute Ind Oct 14 1884

This being the first regular meeting of the month the lodge opened in regular session Worthy Master E. V. Debs in the chair the minutes of the previous meeting were Read and approved

Applications for Membership
The following named persons made applications for Membership N E Wheeler C O Philbrick & Wm E Burk Henry Gibson They were Refered [sic] to the following committee Bro Philbrick White and House & Davidson on Philbrick application
Reports of Committees
The committee to whom was Refered [sic] the applications of John Nott Burt Miller & Robt Tate & Henry Brown Reported favorable & on motion the Report was concurred in

Balloting for Candidates
The ballot being spread for John Nott
Henry Brown Burt Miller were declared elected and als Robt Tate was Rejected
A communication from Drs Lecroix stating his illness of Thos Monahan and his dues & assessments allowed

Bills of hall rent 1043 Photos of Bro Grace 250 & gas bill for July Aug and Sept amount $190 the bill was allowed Gazette 1 00
Bro Kadel dues amounting to 75¢ was
Bill of O. E. Fox for $5000 for attending the convention carried
Bro James Leake September assessments was allowed and also Bro Pat McNunny Receipts of the meeting $3 75

Report of Delegate Fox in Regard to his attendance at the convention
Bro Fox on motion was tendered a unanimously vote of thanks for this services as a Delegate to the National Convention Bro Debs tendered him the thanks of Vigo Lodge and also that Vigo Lodge No 16 endorse the action of the convention in giving Col Maynard $250 00
After discussing the matter in regard to the convention the lodge closed in due form
Moved & sec that the Vigo Lodge pay the bills of Rent & gas & then collect the same from the Engineers & Conductors

John F. O'Reilly     E. V. Debs
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