Terre Haute Ind Sept 8 1884

The Lodge opened in due form and in the absence of the Master, P. M. O. E. Fox presided The minutes of the previous meeting were Read and approved

Applications for Membership
The following names were presented Burt Miller Henry Brown Robt Tate and Refered [sic] to the following committee Bro Larr Hunt and Harding
Reports of Committees

Initiation of Candidates
Chas Ring having been ballotted [sic] for and duly Elected and he being present in the Ante Room was duly initiated as a member of Vigo Lodge No16 B of L F

Financier Report
MC Armour Expelled

New Business
M & sec that the Delegate be instructed to have the order of business be printed in the Ritual carried
Moved sec & carried that Art 2 Sec 4 that part of Sec 4 be changed to Read 3 black balls instead of one Moved sec & carried that the Delegate be instructed to do all in his power to abolish consolidate the office of Grand Master and organizer be as one and the salary not to exceed 2000 per year. M. sec & carried that the delegate be instructed to raise the Death Policy be raised to 1500 at least instead of $1000 and to use all honorable and fair means to accomplish it
Receipts of Meeting 700
After several Remarks from various members for the welfare of the order the Lodge closed in Regular form

          E. V. Debs
John F O'Reilly, Secy         Master      

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