Terre Haute Ind Aug 25 1884

The Lodge opened in due form Worth [sic] Master E. V. Debs in the chair the minutes of the previous meeting were Read & approved
Proposition for Membership
The following named person made application for membership John Nott Age 21 Residence Terre Haute occupation Fireman recommended by Will Larr Committee Louis Burgees Sam Haley Frank Larr
Initiation of Candidates
The following gentlemen being present and having being ballotted [sic] were duly Elected at a previous meeting they were as follows S. J. Harding and Henry Baeirsdorf wer [sic] were duly initiated as members of Vigo Lodge No16

Bills & Communications
Vigo Lodge No16 to Grand Lodge for 200 letter heads 200 envelopes $300
also bill of 100 also a bill of James Smith as janitor. $335
Unfinished business
The application of Harry Sibley which was laid over from last meeting
The ballot being spread again he was declared rejected

Receipts of the meeting 1500 The Lodge closed in duform [sic]

          E. V. Debs
John F. O'Reilly         Master

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