Terre Haute Ind Aug 17 1884

The Lodge opened in Regular session Worthy Master E. V. Debs in the chair The minutes of the previous meeting were Read and approved
Reports of Committees
The committee to whom was Refered [sic] the applications of Clay Davidson Robt Parker E. J. Tritt Henry Baeirsdorf S. J. Hardin Chas Ring & Harry Sibley and Will Dodson for Reinstatement Reported favorable and on motion the report was concurred in
Balloting for Candidates
The ballot being spread the following gentlemen were declared duly Elected. Clay Davison, E. J. Tritt Henry Baeirsdorf S. J. Hardin Chas Ring and Will Dodson The Election of Harry Sibley was laid over till next meeting
Communications & Bills
A communication from Falls City Lodge No 103 was read from wherein he by Wm Pettibone wherein he arraigned our Grand Secretary & Treasurer for actions that were false in every particular and as the address was a direct insult to the Grand Officers and and also has a tendency to create dissention and Scism [sic] in our Ranks. It was Moved Seconded and Carried unanimously that the address be sent back to Wm Pettibone stating that this lodge considered it an insult to Vigo Lodge and also to the Grand Officers and was not worthy to be Retained in the lodge
A communication was Read from the County Commissioners and also the Masonic Fraternity asking this lodge to participate in the ceremonies of laying of the corner stone of the New Court House The invitation was accepted and on motion of the lodge we would assist in the ceremonies
Bill of Chas Bennett as financier for stamps and supplies to the amount of three Dollars & five cents $305/100 was allowed
Bill of Moore & Langen for stationary to the amount of $925/100 was allowed
Bill of Evening Gazette for publishing notice to of Bro Grace's funeral to the amount of 90¢ was allowed Bill of D. N. Fansler coroner of Logansport for services as such in the case of Bro Thos Grace by furnishing a copy of the verdict of the Coroners Jury amount $200 which was allowed Bill of $125 was allowed the grand lodge for books. Bro Kadel June assessment on motion allowed
S. H. Quakenbush of Meadville, Pa was granted a withdrawl [sic] card from Vigo Lodge No16 to join Loyal Lodge 207.
After a few Remarks from various members for the welfare of the order the Lodge closed in due form
The Salary of the Financier was unanimously raised from $3500 per year to $5000 per year as the members considered it worth that to attend to it properly

John F. O'Reilly     E. V. Debs
Secy     Master

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