Terre Haute Ind June 9th 1884

        The Lodge opened in due form with Worthy Master E. V. Debs in the chair.
        The minutes of the previous meeting were read and approved
Application for Membership
        A. Johnson & Frank Mallary's applications were read, voted on & they were duly elected
        The committee on above candidates was Alonzo Hunt, Frank Larr, & Henry Lahey.
Balloting for Can
        Candidates present for initiation were Chas Mancourt, Frank Mallary & A. Johnson who were duly initiated into the B of L F. Lodge No 16.
        The visitors present were Bro Ferguson of No 1 & Bro Hensley of No 187
        The communication from the Grand Lodge in regard to the Engineers Home was laid over until the next meeting.
        The communication from the Grand Lodge in regard to change of time of convention; referred to next regular meeting.
        Resolutions in regard to the death of the wife of Bro. Smith. Approved & adopted.
Bills for allowance

To G. M Allen for printing $3.00
" Sat-Eve Mail   "    "           .70
To Wm C. Ball for printing $1.50
        Approved & allowed
        Many good remarks were offered for the good of the order.
        A committee of three were appointed to draft resolutions of thanks to their pastor & congregation of the First Baptist Church for their kindness Committee F. H. Arnold
Mc. E. B. Glenn & Robt Ebbage A withdrawal card was allowed Bro P. H. Swardwart to No 207

Receipts of the meeting $1300
Meeting adjourned on motion of Bro Ebbage to meet the 4th Monday evening of this month.

Mc E B Glenn     E. V. Debs
Secy Pro tem     Master

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