Terre Haute May 12 1884

The Lodge opened in Regular session Worthy Master E. V. Debs in the Chair The minutes of the previous meeting were not at hand on account of the absense [sic] of the Secretary and on motion the minutes were defered [sic] until the next regular meeting
Application for Membership
The following applications were presented for admission. Charles Mancourt & George L Snettenham and were Refered [sic] to Bros H. Sacks and Wm Sherburne & Ben Bundy. At this point the Worthy Vice Master arose and stated that at the last meeting he accidentaly [sic] found Geo L Snettenham's petition with some papers belonging to him. And that the petition should have been in the hands of the committee during the past two weeks and acted upon tonight for Mr Snettenham was present for initiation and he moved to have the committee to act upon the application at once and Report the motion was adopted the committee wer [sic] as follows Bros Sacks, Sherburne & Bundy
Reports of Committees
The committee to whom was Refered [sic] the following application reported favorable Geo L Snettenham George Young N. Bell Thomas Shannon and C Gross and also Swan Swanson James Harrington & Martin Kraus for Reinstatement signed by Henry Sacks Wm Sherburne & B C Bundy committee The Report was concurred in and the committee discharged
Balloting for Candidates
George L Snettenham Geo Young N. Bell Thomas Shannon & C Gross & also Swan Swanson James Harrington & Martin Kraus being balloted for were declared duly Elected
Admission of Candidates
Messrs Geo L Snettenham C Gross & N Bell being in waiting in the Ante Room were duly initiated as members of Vigo Lodge No16. B of LF

An invitation from Morton Post No 1 G. A. R. was Read. Asking us to participate in the ceremonies and parade on Decoration Day on motion the communication was Received and a committee of three were appointed to confer with B of L. E. and Conductors Brotherhood to make necessary arrangements the following committee were appointed James Smith Will Davis and James White and to Report next meeting
An appropriation of $1 47 to pay for No 16 share in payment of Pitcher goblets tray & stop ladder which on motion was allowed
James Smith Financier Pro tem Read the quarterly Report which totals as follows
          General fund receipts $253.66
            Disbursement $124.06
Bal on hand $167.60
        Beneficiary Fund
    Receipts $253.00
         Disbursements $253.00

Respectfully submitte [sic] Chas Bennett

The Report was approved by the trustees April 30th 1884 Signed Robt Ebbage
                O. E. Fox Trustee
On motion the Report was Received and placed on file
Moved seconded & carried that the dues of Ralph and Frank Nicholson be allowed up to July 1st 1884 and the assessments up to June 1st 1884
On motion the trustees were empowered to act with the orders meeting here in Regard to bodies meeting here without Refering [sic] it to this Lodge
Traveling cards were granted to Brothers Thompson & Viquesney
        Receipts of Meeting $17 25/100
Collected F. W. Arnold and turned over to Jas Smith financier [pro temp?]
        Snettenham 1.00
        Mancourt 1.00
        Brunk   1.75
        Total   3.75

F. W. Arnold Secy Pro Tem   E. V. Debs

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