Terre Haute Ind April 13 1884

The lodge opened in due form Worthy Master E. V. Debs in the chair. The minutes of previous meeting were read and approved dispensed with
Application for Membership
The Application W. F. Thompson Geo Harman M Murray and H J Lacey were read and Refered [sic] to the following committee Bros White Schrader & F Smith
Reports of Committees
The committees to whom was Refered [sic] the applications of Lon Hunt for Reinstatement and also James Bennett & F W Niedheiser for membership reported favorable
              R Ebbage
The report was concurred in and the ballot being spread they were declared Elected members of the Lodge
James Bennett & F. W. Niedheiser being present they were duly initiated
A communication from Dr L H McCorkle Stating as follows, I herby certify that on Sept 20, 83 I was called to see Patrick Mack then suffering from Malarial fever. I treated him for several days for said disease. & on motion the said Bro Mack assessments were allowed to date
Bill of Gas Company to the amount of one dollar & seven cents for gas and also Bill for our pro Rate share for Rent of hall to the amount of seven dollars & ten cents $710 was allowed and an order drawn of financier for the amount
Harvey Brunk James Harrington Swan Swanson & M. Crouse were declare [sic] expelled for no payment of dues
Withdrawl [sic] Cards
John Haggart was granted a limited withdrawl [sic] card to join Elsewhere
New Business
The Resolution Read at the previous meeting in Regard to changing the time of the meeting from the second & fourth Sunday to the second & fourth Monday was adopted and to take effect the fourth Monday in April 1884 Moved seconded & carried that the financier notify every member of the change (7:30 pm) of the time of the meeting. {Receipts of meeting $8 75/100 There being no further business the lodge closed in due form

John. F. OReilly                        Eugene V. Debs
                    Secy                      Master

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