Terre Haute Feb 24 1884

The Lodge met in Regular session Worthy master E. V. Debs in the chair The minutes of the last meeting were Read and approved

Admission of Candidates
Balloting for candidates
Frank W Arnold having withdrawn from Lodge No 9 was balloted for and declared duly Elected a member of Vigo Lodge No16 by a unanamous [sic] vote of the lodge
Bills the Trustees the following reported the following bills
Bills of P J Kaufman for mop & soap amount to Twenty five cents
of James Smith for janitor to March 1st 1884 Three dollars & 33/100
Bill of grand Lodge for books & stationary Three dollars & sixty cents bill of express charges for locomotive photos amounting to 55¢
Reports of Committee
The committee on the Anniversary entertainment Reported progress the report was received without comment

Debate for the good of the order

Bro Frank Arnold having been duly Elected was called on for a few Remarks which was well Received he also stated that that he felt proud to be a member of No16 a Lodge that stood equal to any in the order

        Charges were preferred [sic] by Brother J. D. White against Bro Wm Payne for conduct unbecoming a member of this order the charges are associating with Prostitutes which is contrary to the teachings of the order
The following committee were appointed to investigate the case, Bro Fox J Smith Dodson Southard & Ebbage.
A visiting Member Bro Springstead made a few remarks it was stated that one of the members had made no exersion [sic] on his part to try and get Bro Springstead a pass over the road, but that Bro Springstead had to pay his fare it was moved seconded & carried that the lodge Refund the RR fare which amounts to $225 to Bro Springstead. It was m sec & carried that the secy be instructed to notify Div 14 of the B L F that one of the members made no effort to pass a brother or get him passed over the road

There being no farther business the Lodge closed in due form

John F O'Reilly   Eugene V. Debs
Secy   Master

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