Terre Haute Ind Feb 10 1884

The lodge opened in due form and Regular session. Worthy Master E. V. Debs in the chair The minutes of the previous meeting were Read and approved
Reports of Committees
The committee to whom was Refered [sic] the applications of Wm F Dennis and Chas P Mancourt for membership and also Ed Shaw Harvey Brunk M. C. Armour, C. A. Lewis Frank Baker Wm L Crank Joseph Copely & Warren Thompson for Reinstatement Reported favorable.
Balloting for Candidates
Wm F Dennis & Chas Mancourt being balloted for was W m Dennis was declared Elected & Chas Mancourt was Rejected 3 black balls being cast against him
Warren Thompson was declared Elected
Joseph Copely was declared Elected
Wm L Crank was            "            "
Frank Baker was            "            "
C A Lewis was               "            "
M C Armour was            "            "
Harvey Brunk was          "            "
Ed Shaw was                "            "

Reports of Special Committees
The com consisting of Bros White Stewart & Ebbage to investigate the charges prefered [sic] against Bro Liley for being drunk and asking to be carried by one of the brother member while in that state. The committee reported that they had seen the accuser and he withdrew the charges. It was moved & sec that the secretary be instructed to notify the master of lodge 64 and have him to censure Bro Myer for being so hasty in such matters after a short debate the motion was withdrawn
Admission of Candidates
C. M. Crick was admitted to full membership in our order and a member of Vigo Lodge No16.
        The committee on Ball & Hall Reported that the expenditures of said Ball and hall amounted amounted [sic] to $ 540.65
receipts        "   " $ 538.35
Leaving a balance to be paid by the Lodge amounting to $ 2 30/100 Robt Ebbage O E Fox & James Smith Committee. The Report was concurred in and on motion a unanimous vote was of thanks was given to the committee
Reports of Officers
The financier Report was read & on motion the Report was approved.

for coal & amount of shortage total 200 the Bill was allowed

Moved & seconded that this Lodge give an entertainment on the Anniversary of this Lodge & carried
Moved seconded & carried that a committee of 5 be appointed with full power to act the following wer [sic] the comm
James Smith J F O'Reilly All Stevens Chas Bennett & Bro Lahey

Withdrawl [sic] & traveling cards were issued to Bro Baker & Bro Stevens

Receipt of the meeting $ 525

The Lodge closed in due form

John F O'Reilly          Eugene V. Debs
                Secy                        Master

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