Terre Haute Ind Dec 9/83

The Lodge met in Regular session
Worthy Master E. V. Debs in the chair
The minutes of previous meeting were Read and approved
Propositions for Membership
The name of William House as proposed for membership and also Jacob Romans for Reinstatement The following committee were appointed Bro O E Fox R Ebbage and Bro Thoade It was Moved Seconded and Carried that Jacob Romans pay as a Reinstatement fee before becoming a member the sum of five dollars
Reports of Committees
The committee to whom was Refered [sic] the applications of Henry L Jones and A E Schrader Reported favorable and on motion the Report was concurred in and the ballot being spread was declared duly Elected as members of Vigo Lodge No16
The committee on Resolutions of Condolence to Our Late Brother Albert Kleckner was Read and on Motion was adopted
Initiation Admission of Candidates
Mr Samuel Jessie & Henry L Jones Elected Candidates were admitted to full membership in our Order
A communication from Will J Torrance Secretary of Lodge 160 at Evansville asking for the withdrawl [sic] cards of Wm Reggs Ed McGriff James OBrien [sic] & Frank Baker and on motion the communication was received and the cards were granted
The following Bills were Read Bill of John G Heinl for floral wreath for our Late Brother Albert Kleckner to the amount of $800 which was allowed and also the Bill of Chas Bennett for attending to the funeral arrangements of Bro Kleckner the amount of one round trip on Engine to the amount of $585/100 which was allowed and also the Editor of the Express for publishing funeral notice of A Klechner

New Business
It was moved seconded and carried that the dues of this Lodge be 25¢ per month payable quarterly Moved sec & carried that bro Ebbage be authorized to act with the other com in regard to attending to making the necessary arrangements for the & th Ball & hall
Receipts of the Meeting        $500

There being no further business the Lodge closed in due form

John F OReilly
Secretary   Eugene V. Debs
Close of meeting Dec 9/83

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