Terre Haute Ind Oct 28 1883

The Lodge met in Regular session Past Master O. E. Fox in the chair in the absence of the Master The minutes were Read and approved
Reports of Committees
The committee to whom was Refered [sic] the name of H Sibley for membership Reported him not worthy and recommended that his application be acted on accordingly the Report was concurred in Respectfully submitted F Crookshank W Larr & H Sacks.
        The committee to whom was Refered [sic] application of Ed Mumper Reported favorable and on motion the Report was concurred in and the ballot being spread was declared duly elected
Admission of Candidates
Mesrs. S. J. Wills and Ed Donnelly were Elected candidates were admitted to full membership in the order

A communication in the shape of an invitation to attend the third Annual Ball of Twin City Lodge in Rock Island moved & sec that the same be expected and the Secy be instructed to notify the committee of its acceptance and thanking them for the same
The Trustees through Robt Ebbage asked for that and order be drawn on the treasury for nine dollars to pay the financier for the first quarters salary which was granted

An appropriation of one dollar was allowed for postage stamps for the Recording secy

Moved sec and carried that Bro McGarrigan be allowed a card when he pays the last assessment and the Secy fill out the card and give it to the financier and forward the same to Bro McGarrigan after paying his indebtness moved & sec that the Com in conjunction with the Hall be instructed to see about a ball

Receipts of the Meeting $1600
Good of the order
under that head there was a debate in regard to giving a ball which was participated in by many of the Brothers

There being no further business the meeting adjourned

John F. O'Reilly                                             Eugene V. Debs
                     Secy                                                         Master

Close of meeting Oct 28th 1883

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