Terre Haute Ind. Sept 28th Oct 14th 1883

The Lodge met in Regular session Worthy Master E. V. Debs in the chair. The minutes of last Regular meeting the minutes were Read and adopted.

Reports of Committees

To the Officers and members of Vigo Lodge No16
        We your committee appointed to investigate the charges prefered [sic] against W. L. Davis for defrauding members of the Lodge No 16 beg leave to report as follows. That we grant him 90 days to pay Frank Gross & F. Crookshank the amount due them or be expelled with out further notice the time expires Dec 11th/83
          Respectfully submitted
            O F. Fox [sic]
            J Smith
            J Dodson
            J F O'Reilly
            C Bennett
The Report of the committee was concurred in It was moved Sec & carried that the action of the Secretary in notifying Bro W L Davis previous to this meeting be sanctioned and legalized as the notice gave Mr Davis all the time possible
Bills allowed

Bill of All Larr for 13 days for services as delegate to the 10th Annual Convention of B of L F at Denver at $500 per day $6500
Vigo Lodge No16 Dr to Geo Allen of Express for funeral notice of Bro Naylors death $1.00
J D Early was granted a traveling card The report of Bro Will Larr as delegate to the 10th Annual convention of B of L F. was Read and on motion was Received and ordered placed on file
It was moved seconded & carried that a vote of thanks be tendered to Bro Larr for so ably representing Vigo Lodge No16
It was moved sec & carried that a committee of three be appointed confer with a like committee from B of L E & B of Conductors in Regard to getting a hall for ourselves the following committee was appointed Bro Ebbage Fox & Smith
There being no further business the Lodge adjourned.

Attest       Eugene V. Debs
  John F. O'Reilly     Master

Close of meeting Sunday Oct 14/83

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