Terre Haute Ind. Sunday August 12, 1883

The Lodge met is regular session. Worthy Master E. V. Debs in the chair. The minutes of the previous meeting were read and approved
Reports of Committees

The committee to whom had been Refered [sic] the application of William Payne and Wm. Sherburne Reported favorable and on motion the Report was concurred in
Balloting for Candidates

The ballots being spread Wm. Payne & Wm. Sherburne were duly Elected as member of Vigo Lodge No16

Charges were prefered [sic] against Brother W. J. Davis for defrauding a member and beating board bills by Brother Frank Gross. And on motion it be Refered [sic] back to Brother Gross, as the said Brother did not specify the individual whom he defrauded. The motion was lost
Charges were also prefered [sic] by Bro. F. W. Crookshank against Bro. W. J. Davis. Which lead as follows, Terre Haute August 12/83 To the Officers and members of Vigo Lodge No16 Sirs I hereby prefer charges against Bro. W. J. Davis of Vigo Lodge No16 having defrauded me out of nine dollars $900 for a watch
                F. W. Crookshank
The following Committee were appointed to investigate, O. E. Fox Chairman, James Smith Chas Bennett John F O'Reilly & Jas Dodson. On motion the charges were Refered [sic] by Bro. Frank Gross against W. J. Davis, Were refered back to him.
Bills Allowed

To 1. Financial cash Book       $100
" 2. Receipt Books        150
" 3. 1.Doz orders for secret Work       .15
    Total   $255

Withdrawl [sic] card was granted to Bro. Ed Sibley to take Effect September first 1883
Good of the Order

It was moved seconded and carried that the first meeting in September be devoted to instructing the delegate to the Convention in Denver. On motion which was carried that the delegate attending the convention from Vigo Lodge No16 stand by the Grand Secy & Treasurer and Master of this Lodge Bro. Eugene V. Debs if charges are prefered [sic] by Lodge No 44 of East St Louis
On motion a committee of two were appointed to procure the picture of Brother Naylor deceased. The following committee were appointed James Smith and Robt Ebbage
Moved seconded & carried that the greetings for the year Ending August 1st 1883 were read and approved. There being no further business the Lodge closed in due form.

    Read and approved Aug     1883

Attest John F. O'Reilly
    Secretary     Eugene V. Debs
Close of regular meeting Aug 12/83

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