Terre Haute Ind. Sunday July 22d 1883

The Lodge met in regular session. Worthy Master Fox in the chair.
The minutes of the preceding meeting were read and approved.
On motion the rules were suspended & the Lodge proceeded to carry out the regular order of business.
Propositions for Membership
The following propositions for membership were read: --
W. Sherburne recommended by Will Larr
Wm Payne recommended for reinstatement by Jas. Smith
        The forgoing propositions were referred to a Committee consisting of Bros. Burnett, Sach and White for investigation.
Reports of Committees
The committee to which had been referred the application of J. M. Noyse reported favorably on the application.
        On motion the report was concurred and the committee discharged.
Balloting for Candidates
J. M. Noyse was balloted for and duly elected to become a member of the Lodge.

Admission of Candidates
Messrs. D. J. Crane, F. L. Larr, Ed. Thaw and J. M. Noyse, elected candidates, were admitted to full membership in the order.
Bill --
The following bills were read & allowed:
Grand Lodge Discount in 4 trade Dollars 60¢
Sawe 50 Tran. Cards $.""
Election of Officers
The Master appointed Bros. Burnett and Cookshank to act as Tellers for the election of officers.
On motion of Bros. Ebbage, Bros. Eugene V. Debs was unanimously elected as Master for the succeeding year.

Vice Master
For Vice Master the following nominations were made with the ballot cast opposite their names --
F. Crookshank received 15 votes
Chas. Scott received 14 votes
R. Nichelson received 8 votes
    On the 2nd ballot
F. Crookshank received 17 votes
C. Scott received 19 votes
Bros. Scott was declared Vice Master for the succeeding term.

Bros. J.F. O'Reilly was unanimously elected Secretary of the Lodge for the succeeding year.
For Financier C. Bennett & J. Smith were nominated with the following result:
C. Bennett received 19 votes
J. Smith received 18 votes
Bro. Bennett was elected financier for the succeeding year.
R. Ebbage, O. E. Fox and F. Wood were unanimously elected Trustees for the succeeding year.
Delegate to the 10th Annual Convention
Bro. Will Larr was elected delegate and Bro. J. Dodson as an alternate to the ensuing Convention, by a unanimous vote of the Lodge.
Installation of Officers
The Newly elected Master appointed the following Subordinate Officers:
Warden - G. H. Godfrey - Conductor - R. Ebbage
Inner Guard - C.M. Thode - Outer Guard F. Crookshank
Chaplain - J. White.        The officers were then installed according to the ritual.

After a general debate about the good of the Order the Lodge adjourned.

Read and approved Aug. 12th 1883.

Attest John O'Reilly
        Eugene V Debs
  Secretary     Master

Close of the regular meeting July 22/83.

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