Terre Haute Ind. Sunday June 24th 1883

The Lodge met in regular session.
Worthy Master Fox in the chair.

The minutes of the preceding meeting were read & approved.
Reports of Committees
The committee to which had been reported the application of A. A. Harley reported favorably & the committee, on acceptance of the report, was discharged.
Balloting of Candidates
John Haggart, a withdrawn member presented his card, which was unanimously accepted.
A. A. Harley was duly elected & became a member of the Lodge.
Admission of Candidates
John Haggart was admitted by card & Messrs. Kurwin, Montgomery, Devore, Godfrey & Harley were admitted by initiation as members of the Lodge.
Proposition for Membership
The following propositions were read: --
Geo. Campbell recommended by Will Larr
D. J. Crane          "          "       "
F. L. Larr             "           "        "

The foregoing propositions were referred to a committee consisting of Bros. Brennan, Crookshank, & Sach for investigation.
Reports of Committees: --
The Committee appointed (standing) & investigating the charges against Bro. Frank Bro. Brokaw for drunkenness reported, sustaining the charge. The report was concurred in and the Committee discharged. The Master declared Bro. Brokaw suspended until July 8th.
Bill --
A bill for the quarter ending June 30th for such in the sum of $720 was read and allowed.
Applications Forfeited.
The applications of J. F. Clark, C. E. Brewer, A. W. Watson, Wm McCutcheon & J. Phipps were declared forfeited.
    The meeting then adjourned
        Read and approved July 8th, 1883
Eugene V. Debs        
                Secretary O.E. Fox    Master

Close of the meeting Sunday June 24/83.

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