Terre Haute, Ind. June 10th, 1883

The Lodge met in regular session.
The minutes of the proceeding meeting were read and accepted.
On motion the rules were suspended & the [---]
Reports of Committees.
The following propositions for membership were read & --
A. A. Harley recommended by C. M. Thock.
        The foregoing propositions were referred to Bros. Ebbage, Larr and Goren for investigation.
Reports of Committees: --
The Committees appointed to speak upon Messrs G. H. Godfrey and Ed. Thaw reported favorably.
The reports were concurred and the committee discharged.
Balloting for Candidates
G. H. Godfrey and Ed Thaw were balloted for and duly elected to become members of the Lodge.
Bill --
The following bills were read & allowed: --
Express and Gazette advertising $3.00
Buckeye Cash Store $1.75

Bro. Ivan Swanson asked for & was granted a traveling card.
The communication of Eureka Lodge No 14 inviting No16 to their picnic on June 28th was read & accepted with the thanks of the Lodge.

The meeting then discharged.

        Read and approved June 24th 1883

Eugene V. Debs
  Secretary O.E. Fox Fox.

Close of the regular meeting June 10th1883

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