Terre Haute Ind. Sunday May 13th 1883

The Lodge opened in regular session.
Worthy Master Fox occupied the chair. The Lodge being opened in due form, the roll of officers was called after which the minutes of the preceding meeting were read and approved.
Propositions for Membership
The following propositions for membership were read: --
Wm H. Achey of Nashville was proposed for reinstatement by James Smith A. C. Devore was proposed by Robt. Ebbage
     The forgoing propositions were referred to a Committee consisting of Bros. Ebbage, Brannin and R. Nicholson for investigation.
Reports of Committees
The committee appointed at a special meeting for the Lodge held May 8th in the matter of the death of Wm D. Naylor reported suitable resolutions of sympathy and also resolutions of thanks to Eureka Lodge No 14 for the use of their regalia on the occasion of the funeral of Brother Naylor.
The reports of the Committee were adopted and the Committee discharged.
The Committee to which had been referred the proposition for membership of G. J. Philbrick, C. E. Brewer, James Phipps, R. Montgomery, James Kurwin and Wm McCutcheon for investigation reported favorably on each and all of the said propositions.
The reports were concurred in and the Committee discharged.
The Committee in the matter of the alleged charges of Bro. Hemmel of No 44 against E. E. Hill an elected candidate of Vigo Lodge No16, submitted their report through Bro. James Smith, to the effect that the said charges were of a personal nature and that they should not be entertained by the Lodge.
On motion, the reports was concurred in and the Committee discharged.
Balloting for Candidates
The Lodge balloted for and duly elected G. J. Philbrick, C. E. Brewer, J. Phipps, A. Montgomery, J. Kurwin and Wm McCutcheon to become members of the Lodge.
Admission of Candidates
C. A. Lewis, an elected candidate was admitted to full membership in the Brotherhood.
The withdrawal card of J. D. White of Tippecanoe Lodge No 36 was presented for acceptance.
The card was balloted for and Bro. White was unanimously elected a member of the Lodge.
The following bills were allowed:
Ringgold Band, Music for Bro. Naylor Funeral   33.00
Robert Tate Nurse 16 days 20.00
James Quick Arranging for funeral 2 days   4.70
Sawe 100 stamps     3.00
Grand Lodge Stationery     4.00
Reports of Officers
The Financier submitted his quarterly report of receipts and disbursements for the quarter ending April 30th as follows:
Bal. on Hand $293.50   -- Receipts $142.25
Expenditures $264.12   -- Balance $171.63
The report was approved by the Lodge.
Assessments 25 & 26 of James Harrington were ordered paid from the treasury, on account of sickness.
The question of purchasing a new set of members' regalia was discussed by the members of the Lodge. Brother E. V. Debs moved that a Committee of three be appointed by the Lodge to purchase 47 pieces of members' regalia at $1500 per dozen & also to have 13 pieces now on hand repaired and made uniform with the new ones, free of charge, as per the proposition of the manufacturer, the same to be paid for by the Lodge. The motion was carried.
Brother Ebbage moved that the same Committee be ordered to purchase suitable (suitable) funeral badges for the members, to be paid for by the members in advance by those desiring them. The motion was carried and Brothers James Smith, Scott and Barr were appointed as such committee.
        The meeting then adjourned.

        Read and approved May 27th1883

   Eugene V. Debs                    O. E. Fox
               Secretary                      Master

Close of the regular meeting Sunday May 13/83

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