Terre Haute Feb. 25th 1883

The Lodge met in regular session with Worthy Master Fox in the chair. On motion the rules were suspended and Mr. A. J. Mullen an expelled member made a statement. In conclusion he requested the Lodge to reinstate him, saying that if he had wronged the Lodge he would be glad to make amends.


The roll of officers was called after which the preceding minutes were read and approved.


Application for Membership

The following application for membership were read: --

E. G. Edwards proposed by Robt. Ebbage

A. J. Mullen proposed for reinstatement by E. V. Debs.

        The foregoing propositions were referred to a Committee consisting of Bros. J. F. O'Reilly, Shoemaker and E. A. Stevens for investigation.


Reports of Committees

The Committee to whom had been referred the petition of M. J. Cunningham reported favorably there on.

The report was concurred in and the Committee discharged.


Balloting for Candidates

M. J. Cunningham was balloted for and duly elected to become a member of the Order.


Admission of the Candidates

Edwin McGriff, an elected candidate, was admitted to full membership in the Order.



The following bills were read and allowed: --

Morton Post G. A. R -- Rent of Hall for 1 Ma. to Jan, 1st -- $200

T.H.P.O. Dept Postage Stamps for Financier $1.50


New Business

Motion made and recorded that Wm Dodson's name be not published in the Magazine as an expelled member.

The motion was carried.


On motion the Jan. assessment of Bros. P. Cronin, M. Cadle and Robt. Ebbage were allowed, also 3 months dues for the quarter ending March 31st for Bros. P. Cronin & M. Cadle.


Motion that the nurse employed by the sick Committee to wait on Bro. Mack Vick be withdrawn. Carried.

Motion that the bill of the nurse to date be paid by the Lodge. Carried.


The meeting then adjourned.

Close of the meeting Sunday Feb. 25/83

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