Terre Haute Ind. Sunday Jan. 14th 1883

The Lodge met in regular session.

Worthy Master Fox occupied the chair. The minutes of the preceding meeting were read and approved.


Propositions for membership

The following propositions for membership were read: --

Edwin A. McGriff recommended by E. V. Debs
Thomas Crusen
C. Bennett

        The foregoing propositions were read referred to a committee consisting of Bros Bugh, Frank Smith and Shoemaker for investigation.


Reports of Committees

The committee in the matter of the charges against Bro. Alonzo Hunt for being drunk, reported that the charge had been sustained, the acquitted having plead guilty to the charge. The Master declared Alonzo Hunt expelled from the Lodge on the foregoing charge of drunkenness.


Admission of Candidates

Wm P. Shannon was admitted to full membership in the Order.



The following bills were read and allowed: --

In favor of
nature of claim
James Smith Remittance of Post. stamps
Button & Co. Picture Nails
Dreusicke & Morgan Repairing Wardrobe
Moore & Langen Printing & Supplies



A. J. Mullen was reported 90 days in arrears by the Financier and was declared expelled by the Master for non payment of dues.


Good of the Order

Instructor I. M. Stevens took the floor and appealed to the members in behalf of the Magazine and the Order to subscribe for the Magazine and to do what they could to insure its circulation. The members responded and promised to assist in the work of extending the circulation.


It was reported that Bro. Robert Ebbage was in bad health and in poor circumstances financially. Expressions of sympathy were made by all the members. On motion of Bro. Debs the January assessment of Bro. Ebbage and six months dues were allowed him for the year ending June 30th 1882.

Also, on motion, a donation of $25.00 was made him from the Treasury and Bro. James Smith was directed to solicit subscriptions for him from members of the Lodge.

The meeting then adjourned.

Close of the meeting Sunday Jan. 14/83

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