Terre Haute Ind. Sunday Dec. 24th 1882

The Lodge met in regular session.

On motion of Bro. Ebbage, Instructor Stevens was called to the chair and presided over the meeting.


The minutes of the preceding meeting were read and approved.


Propositions for Membership

Wm P. Shannon was proposed by E. V. Debs.

        As the application had been before the Lodge and reported on, but no action taken because the applicant was temporarily off the road, the rules were suspended and the report of the Committee was taken up and concurred in.


Reports of Committees

The application of W. H. Hood was reported back favorably and certified to by the Committee.

On motion the report as concurred in and the Committee discharged.


Balloting for Candidates

Wm P. Shannon and W. H. Hood were balloted for and duly elected.


Admission of Candidates

The card of withdrawal of A. C. Simmons granted at a previous meeting to join No 63, was presented for re-deposit in the Lodge.

The card was balloted on and the candidate duly accepted as a member.


Withdrawal Cards

A withdrawal card was granted to Chas. M. Helmes to join Hercules Lodge No 63



Instructor Stevens exemplified the recent work of the Order.


A Committee consisting of Bros. James Smith Chas. Bennett and Robert Ebbage was appointed with full power to act in the matter of making arrangements for the celebration of the 8th anniversary of the organization of the Lodge, to take place on the 27th of February 1883.


A special Committee of Three, consisting of Brothers James Dodson, James Smith, Kellogg, Pat Cronin and Bennett to investigate charges made by Brother frank smith against Bro. Alonzo Hunt for having been drunk on Dec. 23d


The meeting then adjourned.

Close of the meeting Sunday Dec. 24/82

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