Terre Haute Ind. Sunday Nov.26th 1882

The Lodge met in regular session, with Master Fox in the chair.

The minutes of the preceding meeting were read and approved.


Proposition for Membership

Wm H. Hood recommended by James Smith.

        The foregoing proposition was referred to Bros. Flaherty, Baiersdorf and Wm Dodson for investigation.


Reports of Committees

The Committee on the investigation of James O'Brien Wm M. Riggs Wm McCutchen and Ralph Nicholson reported favorably -- The same Committee reported unfavorably on the application of Wm P. Shannon owing to the fact that the applicant was not at present occupied as an engineman.

        The reports were concurred in and the Committee discharged.


The Committee of whom had been referred the matter of examining into the alleged charges against Brother Wm Dodson of having been drunk, reported that there was sufficient evidence for charges against the accused.

The Committee therefore recommended that their report be accepted as charges against the accused and that a Committee of five be appointed to try the case.

The motion was carried and Brothers Ebbage, Flaherty, Scott, Fox and Grace were appointed as such a Committee of Investigation.


The Committee in the matter if the trial of Bro. Fred Mullen for intoxication reported that the charges were sustained and recommended the suspension of the accused for the space of 30 days. The report was concurred in and the Committee discharged.


Balloting for Candidates

The following Candidates were balloted for and duly elected to become members:

James OBrien, Wm M. Riggs, Wm McCutchen and Ralph H. Nicholson.


Admission of Candidates

Ralph H. Nicholson and Alex. Gorden were admitted to full membership in the order.



The Secretary read invitations from Eureka Lodge No14 and Hercules Lodge No 63 to their Annual Balls to take place on the 29th of November and the 14th of December respectively.

The invitations were accepted and the Secretary directed to acknowledge the receipt of the same with the thanks of the Lodge.

On motion of Brother O'Reily a Committee consisting of Brothers O'Reily, Manahan and Scott was appointed to make all necessary arrangements for those desiring to attend.

Election of Offices

Frank Smith was unanimously elected Magazine Agent for the ensuing term.


New Business

The following by-law was submitted: --

Art 8 -- Sec.2

This dues of this Lodge shall be $3.00 per year for the year ending December 31st 1883, payable 4 months in advance and any member failing to make payments as herein provided shall stand suspended from all the benefits of the Order until such arrearages are paid.

The by-law was laid over until the next meeting for action.


On motion of Brother Ebbage the Secretary was directed to purchase a suitable wardrobe, for the Lodge, for all Lodge property.


Brother Debs, spoke of the propriety of celebrating the 8th Anniversary of the Lodge on the 27th of February, by giving a social and oyster supper.

Brother Ebbage concurred in the matter and suggested that all members give it their consideration so that the arrangements might be perfected in ample time.


On motion of Brother Ebbage the financier was directed to pay the hall rent for October & November inasmuch as the Lodge was going to move on the 1st of December.


The meeting then adjourned.

Close of the meeting Sunday Nov. 26th 1882

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