Terre Haute Ind. Sunday Sept 3/82

The Lodge met in adjourned session, with Worthy Master Fox in the chair. The roll of Officers was called after which the minutes of the preceding meeting were read and approved.


Propositions of Membership

The following proposition for membership was read: --

Frank Baker, recommended by E. Dearman

        The proposition was referred to a Committee consisting of Robert Ebbage, Elijah Dodson and E. A. Stevens for investigation.


Reports of Committees

The Committee to whom had been referred the applications of Wm Payne, Wm Stewart, Wm D. Naylor and Joe Copley reported favorably.

On motion the reports were concurred in and the Committee discharged.


Balloting for Candidates

The Lodge balloted for and elected the following candidates: --

Wm D. Naylor, Wm Stewart, Wm Payne and Joe Copley.


Admission of Candidates

The following elected candidates were admitted to full membership in the Order: --

Robert Miller, Wm Payne and Joe Copley.



The Secretary read the certificate of acquittal ordered given to Wm Brannin signed by the Master and himself. The certificate was approved by a unanimous vote of the Council.


Bills of the Lodge

A bill of $2.50 in favor of the Grand Lodge for stationery was read and allowed.


Financiers Report of Delinquent Members

The Financier reported that Ed. Barrett was 90 days in arrears with his dues.

He was declared expelled by the Master

The Secretary reported that the Keys to the Lodge room were missing & that the box had to be destroyed to gain access to it -- also that the Lodge seal had been taken away. On motion, the Master was directed to severely reprimand the person who had taken away the key and the seal.


Receipts of the Meeting

The receipts of the meeting were reported at $2000


Good of the Order

On motion, the remainder of the meeting was devoted to instructing the delegate to the ensuing Convention.


The following instructions were given: --

That the delegate introduce a law limiting the age of applicants for membership from 18 to 40 years.


Also that an applicant for membership must be actually engaged as an engineer on at [sic] the time he makes his application.


The meeting then adjourned.

Read and approved Sept.24th 1882

Attest: S. M. Stevens
Eugene V. Debs

Close of the adjourned meeting Sunday Sept. 3/82

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