Terre Haute Ind. Sunday Aug 27th 1882

The Lodge met in regular session. Worthy Master Fox occupied the chair. The minutes of the preceding meeting were read and approved.

Propositions for membership
The following propositions were read: --
James Harrington recommended by Jas. Southard
James Harrington recommended by Jas. Southard
Wm Payne
Jas. Smith.
Jos. Copley
E. E. Dearman
Wm D. Haylor
Jas. Smith.
Wm Stewart
A. E. Marshall

        The foregoing propositions were referred to a Committee consisting of M. P. Lantz, J. H. Van Cleve and Al. Bugh for investigation.


Reports of Committees

The Committee in the matter of the investigation of Wm Brannin submitted the following: --

        Worthy Master and Brothers: -- We, the undersigned appointed to make a final settlement with Wm Brannin beg leave to report that we met him and had a long consultation in the matter. Mr. Brannin acknowledged to his indebtedness to Vigo Lodge No 16 B. of L.F in the sum of $65.00 of which Schedule "A" is a true copy.

Mr. Brennan further agrees to pay to the Secretary of our organization the sum of $25.00,

the same to be made in monthly payments and as soon as possible, providing

First, that the Lodge under seal releases him from all obligations and gives him a receipt in full to that effect.

Second, that he be furnished with an official statement of the financial condition of the Lodge at the time of the trouble signed by the Secretary and bearing the seal of the Lodge.

Third, the cost of the music, hall, printing etc and how much was paid on it and by when.

Fourth, a list of the other brothers who had tickets, number of same and the report they made, all this to be a true copy of the record.

Believing, as we do, that Mr. Brannin has asked for nothing but what is right and in justice to him we most respectfully suggest that Brother Smith leave the books with the Committee to ascertain, as near as we can, the information asked for and that the Lodge grant us further time to get through with the matter.

Respectfully Submitted}
F. H. Mullen}
J. H. Dodson}

A spirited discussion took place in which it was shown by the members of that time that the papers and books had been misplaced and destroyed owing to the fact that the Lodge was in a very bad condition and had no hall to meet in all in consequence of Mr. Brannin's failure to make his report.

On motion of Bro. A. J. Mullen the report of the Committee was laid on the table and the Committee discharged.

The Committee on the investigation of J. F. O'Reily, A. J. Kraft and A. J. Miller reported favorably.

The reports were concurred in and the Committee discharged.


Balloting for Candidates

The Lodge balloted for and unanimously elected the following candidates: --

of J. F. O'Reily, A. J. Kraft and Robert. Miller


Admission of Candidates

J. F. O'Reily, Nick Dodson, Harry Brunk, James Harrington and W. C. Davidson were admitted to full membership in the Order.


Bills for allowance

A bill in favor of Buntin & Armstrong for 50 cents for lead pencils furnished the Financier was read and allowed.


Unfinished Business

Brother Debs called up the matter of Wm Brannin and requested that some action be taken to dispose of it.

        On motion of Brother Van Cleve the proposition to compromise with Mr. Brannin at $2500 made at the meeting of August 20th 1882 be withdrawn.

The motion was carried.

        The Lodge then proceeded to ballot on the proposition of Mr. Brennan for reinstatement There being 13 black balls cast, the applicant was declared rejected.


Financier James Smith reported that he had appointed James Southard as Assistant Financier and requested that his dues be remitted for his services for the space of all year.

It was so ordered.


On motion of Brother Debs, the Master and secretary were directed, under seal of the Lodge to issue to Wm Brannin a certificate of acquittal showing that the Lodge had remitted his indebtedness and that no charges were held against him. The motion was carried.

Brother Debs stated that his object in making the motion was in order not to prevent him from joining any other organization -- or from retrieving his standing if he so desired.


Receipts of the meeting were reported by the Financier at $31.75.


On motion the Lodge then adjourned to meet in adjourned session the following meeting (Sunday Sept. 3d )

Read and approved Sept. 3/82

O. E. Fox Eugene V. Debs
         Master           Secretary

Close of regular meeting Sunday Aug 27/82

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