Terre Haute Ind. Sunday Aug. 20th 1882

The Lodge met in regular session. Worthy Master fox occupied the chair. Before proceeding with the Order of Business the Lodge went into an executive meeting to proceed with the trial of Wm Brannin who petitioned for the reinstatement at the preceding meeting.

Wm Brannin was placed on the stand and charged with having been expelled from the Lodge for contempt, caused by his failure in refusal to make returns of the ball tickets held by him as the Committee man of the ball given in the spring of 1878. He was charged with having 125 tickets and only returning $46.00 Mr Brannin stated that he has entrusted tickets to many of the members and that they had failed to make returns to him -- but that many of the names he failed to remember. He plead guilty to the charge of contempt and also to the charge of holding funds of the Lodge although he stated that the amount was less than he was charged with. He stated however that he was willing to pay any amount that the Lodge thought right and reasonable in order to have the matter adjusted.

The case was then dismissed for future consideration and the Lodge went into a regular session.

The minutes of the preceding meeting were read and adopted.

The following propositions for membership were read: --

Robert Miller recommended by R. Ebbage.
Anton J. Kraft         "           "   E. V. Debs
John F. O'Reilly      "           "   A. J. Mullen E. V. Debs -- F. H. Mullen -- Ed. Miller and Chas. Bennett

        The following applications were referred to a Committee consisting of James H. Dodson, Jef. Brannin and Pat. Cronin for investigation.

        The Committee of Investigation reported favorably on the following applications: --

Thomas Manahan, James H. Seek -- Harry Brunk, Ed. Heren -- Fleury Shea, Nick Dodson. They were respectively balloted for and each and all of them were declared duly elected to become members -- except Thomas Manahan who was declared reinstated.


Admission of Members


Frank Nicholson and Ivan Swanson were admitted to full membership in the Order.


Bills for Allowance

A bill of $13.75 of the Grand Lodge for books furnished the Secretary and Financier was read and allowed.


On motion of Bro. E. V. Debs a Committee consisting of James H. Dodson, John Benz and F. H. Mullen was appointed to receive such money from Wm Brannin as the Lodge might determine upon before entertaining his proposition for (membership) reinstatement.

On motion of Bro. A. J. Mullen it was decided, by a unanimous vote of the Lodge, that the sum of 25.00 should be collected from the said Brannin as payment in full of all claims against him by the Lodge after he had acknowledged the amount due the Lodge.


New Business

Bro. Fred Mullen submitted the following :

Resolved that the Master appoint a Committee of Three to confer with a like number of members of the B. of L.E. upon the advisability of securing a hall situated on the corner of 9th and Chestnut street (now in course of construction) and determine on what price we can afford to give the said C. N. Mancourt per year for the use of the said hall.

        The resolution was adopted and Bros. A. J. Mullen, Ed. Miller and Chas. Bennett were appointed as such Committee.


Withdrawal Cards

Brother John A. Hayes asked for a withdrawal card to join Industrial Lodge No 21 at South St Louis Mo. his dues being paid two months in advance and his assessments to date.

On motion the card was guaranteed by a unanimous vote of the Lodge.


Receipts of the Meeting

The financier reported the receipts of the meeting at $21.75.


The meeting then adjourned.

Read and approved Sunday Aug. 27th 1882
Eugene V. Debs
      O. E. Fox

Close of the meeting Sunday Aug 20/82

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