Terre Haute Ind. Sunday August 13th 1882

The Lodge met in regular session.

Worthy Master Fox occupied the chair. The minutes of the preceding meeting were read and approved. The following propositions for membership were read :

Nick Dodson of Terre Haute, recommended by F. H. Mullen
Fleury Shea recommended by A. J. Mullen.

        A committee consisting of Bros. Benz, Shoemaker and Frank Smith was appointed to investigate the character of the applicants.

The following propositions were also submitted: --

James Leek recommended by S. E. Haley
Harry Brunk
J. N. Van Cleve.
Ed. Heren
H. Lahey

The foregoing applicants were referred to a committee of Brothers Fred Mullen, James Dodson and Thomas Grace for investigation


Reports of Committees

The Committee of investigation on the applications of George Baiersdorf Wm Davison, Pat. Mc Henry, Frank Nicholson and Ivan Swanson and also on the petition for reinstatement of Mr. Warren Thompson submitted their reports on the respective applicants.

The reports being favorable the candidates were balloted for and duly elected to become members. Warren Thompson being present he was declared reinstated after having signed the constitution and by-laws.


Admission of Candidates

Pat. Mc Henry and George Baiersdorf, elected candidates were duly initiated into the Order.


Delinquent members

The following members were suspended for non-payment of Grand & Subordinate dues: --

Bros. M. C. Armour, D. F. OConnell, E. Dearman, E. Barrett, C. Helmer, H. Lahey, E. Sibley & W. T. Davis. The following members were suspended for non-payment of assessments: --

Frank Brokaw, M. C. Armour, Ed. Barrett, Chas. Helmer, Dan O'Connell, Ed Sibley, E Mc Vick and W. T. Davis.



The following members having paid up their assessments were declared reinstated in good standing: M. P. Lantz -- Harry Baugh, Elmer Sherburne, E. M. Sherburne, A. Simmons.


Petition for Reinstatement

Thomas Monahan an expelled member having paid up his arrearages up to the time of his expulsion was proposed for reinstatement by James Smith.

The preposition was referred to Frank Smith, Ben Bundy and Albert Hunt for investigation.


Installation of Offices

Warden, Frank Smith and Outer guard Frank Gross were installed in their respective offices.

Petition for reinstatement

Wm Brannin an expelled member petitioned for reinstatement through Brother Debs.

On motion of Brother F. Mullen the Lodge went into a committee of the whole to investigate the applicant and report at the next meeting. The said committee to meet with the said Brannin at the Lodge room at an adjourned meeting Sunday August 20th and the Secretary to notify him to be present for trial.

The meeting then adjourned.

Read and approved Sunday Aug. 20th 1882

            Eugene V. Debs
        O. E. Fox

Close of the meeting Sunday Aug. 13/82

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