Terre Haute Ind. Sunday May. 28th 1882

The Lodge met in regular session. Worthy Master O. E. Fox occupied the chair and opened the meeting in due form.

The minutes of the preceding meeting were read and approved.


Propositions for membership

The following application for membership was read: --

Ed. Sasseen -- Age 27 -- Residence Terre Haute -- occupation Fireman -- Recommended by Bros. P. Cronin and A. Shoemaker. The foregoing application was referred to a committee of investigation consisting of Bros. Chas. Bennett, Robert Ebbage and E. M. Sherburne.


Report of Committees

The committee on the investigation Wm S. Crank reported favorably and on motion the report was concurred in and the Committee discharged from further service.


Balloting for Candidates

Wm S. Crank a reported candidate, was balloted for and duly elected to become a member of the Order.

Admission of Candidates

Wm S. Crank, an elected candidate, was admitted to full membership in the Order.

Owing to mistakes in the Financier accounts, James Dodson and J. H. Van Cleve were reinstated in good standing.

The following members paid up their dues and were declared reinstated -- Bros. Barr, Daily, Simmons and Dearman.

Bros. Barnes and Simmons paid up their assessment and were declared reinstated.


Sick Members

On motion the dues of Brothers B. F. Mullen and Martin Kraus were allowed to June 1st and their assessments for June were ordered paid by the Lodge, amounting to $2.00 each -- in all $4.00.


Withdrawal Cards

Patrick Daily applied for a withdrawal card, but as he did not state whether it should be final or to join elsewhere, the matter was laid over until the next meeting and the Financier was directed to report on the subject.


Receipts of the Meeting

The receipts of the meeting were reported as follows :--

Dues -- $26.00
Admission fee --
Grand Dues --
Total   $31.50

Good of the Order

The committee in the matter of making arrangements for the Convention submitted a partial report.

After a general discussion of the matter the Lodge adjourned in due form.

Close of the regular meeting Sunday May 28/82

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