Terre Haute Ind. Sunday May 14/82

The Lodge met in regular session.

Worthy Master Fox occupied the chair. The meeting being opened in due form the minutes of the preceding meeting were read and approved.

The following proposition for membership was read :--

Wm S. Crank - Age 46 years --

Residence Clay Co Indiana
-- Brazil -- Occupation Loco. Fireman -- Recommended by James Smith and Arch Shoemaker Fee $100 enclosed:

The said proposition was referred to a committee consisting of Bros. Gurney, Lantz and Viquesney for investigation.


Reports of Committees

The committee on the application of James Tiley reported favorably.

The report was concurred and the committee discharged.


Balloting for Candidates

The application of James Siley was balloted for and the applicant was duly elected to become a member of the Order.

Admission of Candidates

James Tiley and H. T. Davis, elected candidates, were admitted to full membership in the Order.



The following members were declared suspended for non-pay't of dues :-- J. H. Van Cleve -- Wm Barr -- A. Simmons – C. Helmes -- B. F. Mullen -- Pat. Daily -- James Dodson -- Ed. Barrett -- E. Dearman & Ed. Sibley.

The following members were declared suspended for the non-payment of assessments: --

Harry Barnes -- Ed. Barrett -- Pat Daily -- A. Simmons -- J. Snabley -- Ed. Sibley & M Vick.



James Snabley was declared expelled for non-payment of dues and refusing to correspond with his Lodge.



Bro. Robert Ebbage tendered his resignation as Chaplain owing to his having been elected a member of the Board of Trustees at the last meeting of the Lodge.

On motion the resignation was accepted. The Worthy Master then appointed Brother H. T. Davis as Chaplain instead of Bro. Ebbage resigned and Brother Davis was duly installed in the said position.


Admission by Dispensation

Wm H. Achey formerly of Cumberland Lodge No 79 Nashville Tenn. presented a dispensation from the G. S. & T to join Vigo Lodge No 16 -- his said Lodge having surrendered its charter. The dispensation being accompanied with the necessary dues the applicant was balloted for and elected to admission in the Order.


Receipts of the Meeting

The financier reported receipts of the meeting as follows: --

Admission Fees -- $ 10.00 -- application Fees $100 -- Total $11.00

The meeting then adjourned.

Close of regular meeting Sunday May 14/82

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